Greenfy commits to protect and to respect the privacy of each client.

Thus, Greenfy is registered and authorized as a Data Protection company and data controller.

Continuing with the following, represents client’s approval and understanding to all mentioned further, regarding the way we handle any personal data .

The following data about you may be collected and processed: - any information provided by you on our application ( Greenfy app.) or on our website ( ) when registering in order to use our services, to make bookings, to make a complaint or simply to report an issue with one of our promoting channels (app. and or/website)

When contacted, we might just keep records of our common correspondence for training purposes, or in order to improve the quality of our services. Same applies for telephone conversations, which may be recorded and archived for the same purposes.

Your data may be collected when using or buying any service from:

  • our designated App.
  • directly from our website
  • through e-mail when sending your coordinates in order to confirm one of our services
  • by phone through our call center team
  • when you register on our website as a regular user
  • when you decide to buy one of our services even without being logged in as a user
  • when you choose to fill in any survey regarding service quality, driver skills, etc

The type of information that we may store are:

  • User name (first and last name)
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Type of operational system (App Store, Google Play, etc)
  • Location history
  • Record of correspondence when you contact us by email

In order to improve our quality of services we may use cookies in order to collect information about you. These are temporarily kept in your browser options, in order to facilitate our user access, to recognize last selections and to ease future selections.

The collector of you personal data is MY LIMO SERVICES SRL, registered with 34033070 and headquartered on : 179 A Ciofliceni Road, Ciofliceni Village, Snagov, Ilfov, Chamber 1, with telephone number: +40318 270 275 and registered as operator of data protection.

Your data will be stored and used on the following purposes:

  • In order to provide full and accurate services based on your provided information
  • In order to finalize your bookings
  • To notify you about the changes of our services
  • To advise any improved services or any add-ins
  • In order to offer personalized services

Compulsory information are required in order to finalize a booking, such as:

  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Pick up and drop off coordinates
  • Credit card details
  • Name and surname

Information disclosure

  • We shall not disclose any of your data/information to any third party that is not related with requested/provided service
  • Your information may be disclosed only to the members of the company in order to be processed and for quality of services purposes only
  • Further, your info will be disclosed to third party related with our company and with your requested service.
  • Any of our third party partners that may have acces to your personal info are under strict non-disclosure agreement with our company, thus, they will respect your right to privacy.
  • Also we may disclose your data to any representative of law, if required.

For security seasons, on-line payment ensure that no information regarding your credit card details can’t be stored or saved to any internal or external servers , nor to any payment gateway.

They will be directly entered in Visa or Mastercard systems.

 According to 677/2001 Law, regarding  data protection and 506/2004 Law, concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector, My Limo Services Srl has the right to administrate on safety conditions and only for specified purposes, personal informations that you provide through any communication means.

The purpose of collecting data has been up mentioned.

As mentioned above, compulsory informations need to be provided in order to finalize a bookings and to beneficiate of one of our selected services. Your rejection in providing such information will be considered as your refuse for beneficiating of one, or all of our  services.

According to 677/2001 Law, regarding  data protection, you do have the right of intervention on your data and the right to appeal to justice. Also, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and request deletion of them.

To exercise these rights, you can submit a written request, signed and dated and send it by e-mail at

 If you consider any stored data as incorrect, please advise at soonest, in written for at previously mentioned email, in order to update the system .

Since you user profile may contain third party information, please make sure  that any info about other person has been provided with the its specific consent in order to be use according to nondisclosure policy.

We reserve the right of adding any further changes to this privacy policy. Whatever changes may occur, will be written on this same page for acknowledge.

If you should have any questions or comments regarding this privacy policy, we welcome you to send them in written form on

In case you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter, or any other special offers, please send us an email to